Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who's performing this year?
A: Check out our performers page.

Q: How do I get there?
A: Go to our directions page.

Q: Where can I park?
A: Check out our parking page.

Q: What if it rains?
A: Bring an umbrella because, as they say in showbiz, "The show must go on!" And it will.

Q: Is there a hotel nearby where we can stay?
A: You bet! The Kimpton Buchanan Hotel is a boutique hotel in the heart of Japan Town...and just like San Francisco it's known for its style and sophistication.   

Q: Will food be available for sale?
A:You bet! Sam's Chowder Mobile will be serving up Sam's Famous Lobster Roll, Andouille Po’ Boy sausage sandwiches, Fried Shrimp or Grilled Prawn Po' Boy sandwiches, fish & chips, fried calamari, and more yummy goodness!

Also on board is The Slider Shack, featuring Marin Sun Farms 100% grass fed-beef sliders, Kalua and BBQ pulled pork sliders, Moapfried chicken sliders, Vegetarian black bean sliders, Hurritos (Hawaiian burritos), plus  their legendary tasty Tater Tots!

Plus...Brazilian Breads, featuring several varieties of Brazilian cheese breads, pork and chicken sandwiches, and fried yuca!

And back again this year is the KabobTrolley! They'll be offering gyros, cheesesteaks, and other yummy items! 

Our new friends this year are:
Humboldt Creamery. They've been creating wholesome, delicious, organic dairy products for more than 85 years. And the good news is, they're providing ice cream to everyone for free! Yes, FREE!

Hint WaterHere’s a Hint. Have a Hint! You’ll discover it’s the best water in the world. No, really it is! Hint water contains only water and delicious natural flavors. It’s the top-selling natural flavored water. Hint Water and Hint Fizz have 0 sugar, 0 diet sweeteners, 0 stevia, 0 preservatives, 0 calories, and 0 GMOs. Hint promotes a policy of 0 fake, and they’re super proud of it!. Hint is pure wholesome water with nothing but natural fruit oils and essences—now there’s a hint-centive you can happily drink to! Order online now!

Q: What about beverages?

A: The best beer anywhere from Lagunitas Brewing! They're a a natural fit for Comedy Day because they’re known for their iconoclastic interpretations of traditional beer styles, and irreverent descriptive text and stories on their packaging. Brewed in a bizarre old world tradition using only water, hops, yeast, and malted barley.

Then there's our favorite wines (soon to be yours, too) from Pat Paulsen Vineyards. Yes, THAT Pat Paulsen! Pat’s son, Monty Paulsen, a graduate of the UC Davis School of Winemaking, has revived the winery and the brand, and is continuing the tradition of producing outstanding, award-winning wines of great value and high quality.

Q: Can I buy an official Comedy Day T-shirt at the event?
A: YES! You can buy a Comedy Day T-shirt at the big event! Just stop by the San Franpsycho booth. And they've got lots more designs! After the event, you can alway check out the Comedy Day store for lots of fun stuff including 37th Annual Comedy Day T-shirts, coffee mugs, teddy bears...even underwear and more! And you like fun T-shirts, be sure to visit for a huge selection of novelty T-shirts—from vintage DC comics to funny political T-shirts.

Q: Can I bring a lawn chair or some other type of seating?
A: We'd prefer you didn't. We're short on space this year. Besides, they ruin the sight lines of those seated around you.

Q: What about the kids? Can we bring 'em?
A: If Comedy Day were a'd be rated PG-13. We ask our performers to "keep it clean," but occasionally an "off-color" word or topic will pop up. So, please use discretion.

Q: What about my doggie?
A: Sure, why not. Keep 'em on a leash, though, and be sure to clean up after 'em!

Q: Do you provide sign language services?
A: Absolutely...American Sign Language (ASL) thanks to Kylie Kirkpatrick and friends.

Q: Is Comedy Day really FREE?
A: You bet! And it has been since 1981. How do we do it? See below...

Q: Want to contribute to Comedy Day?
A: We could use a few bucks here and there, too! Keep the laughter coming. Comedy Day is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. Our Tax ID number is: 94-2945255. For more information click here. Or check out the Comedy Day store for lots of fun stuff including T-shirts for people (and dogs), mugs, caps, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, buttons, tote bags, baby bibs, teddy bears, boxer shorts and briefs...even thongs! And remember, because we're a nonprofit organizations, a portion of your purchase price is tax deductible!

Because Comedy Day is a nonprofit organization, we do not have any paid administrative staff and we rely solely on the efforts of our volunteers. Comedy Day derives income from donors, vendors, sponsors and SF Grants for the Arts. Please patronize our benefactors! Thank you.

Besides putting on the big show each year, Comedy Day also provides an outreach program in which comedy workshops teaching conflict resolution through the use of humor can be conducted in Bay Area public schools. We can also arrange for comedians to perform for charitable organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and hospices throughout the Bay Area. Please contact us!

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