One Stage • Five Hours • 40 Comedians • A Million Laughs • Absolutely FREE!

38th Annual Comedy Day
Sunday, September 16, 2018 • 12:00—5:00 PM
Sharon Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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2016 Comedy Day B-roll: secure download featuring Johnny Steele, WIll Durst, Diane Amos, Ngaio Bealum, Amy Miller, Dr. Gonzo, Rick Overton, Comedians Curtain Call (appx 10 minutes)

2015 Comedy Day B-roll: secure download featuring George Wallace, Margaret Cho, W. Kamau Bell, Diane Amos and Marga Gomez (appx 25 minutes)

2014 Comedy Day B-roll: secure download featuring W. Kamau Bell, Marga Gomez, Dana Gould, Will Durst, Robert Hawkins, and ELoisa Bravo (appx 5 minutes)

2015 Standup Comedy Legend Award Winnner Brian Copeland: secure download (8 minutes)

MooreDevine — "I'm an Adult": (6 minutes) 

Select Comedy Day comedians are available for interviews. Please contact Comedy Day at

All acts subject to change • Comedy Celebration Day, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

 The Meehan Grothers  Pritchard  

The Meehan Brothers (Photo: Dan Dion)               Michael Pritchard (Photo: Dan Dion)

  Marga Gomez
Clark Taylor (Photo: Dan DIon)                        Marga Gomez (Photo: Dan Dion)
Diane Amos  Steele
Diane Amos (The Pine Sol Lady)                             Johnny Steele

Durst at Comedy Day  Durst at Comedy Day
Will Durst - Photos: Kenny Wardell
   Dan St Paul  Ngaio Bealum
Steven Pearl                                Dan St. Paul                                 Ngaio Bealum
   Brian Copeland & Michael Pritchard
(l/r) Will Durst, Diane Amos, Johnny Steele,        Brian Copeland & Michael Pritchard
Mark Pitta & Debi Durst. Photo: Kenny Wardell        

Robert Hawkins entertains the Comedy Day audience
Robert Hawkins entertains the Comedy Day audience. (Photo: Lee Phillips)

Comedy Day Sharon Meadow
A view of Comedy Day from Hippy Hill at Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park. (Photo: Gerry Duncan)

Natasha Muse

Natasha Muse welcomes her fans. (Photo: Gerry Duncan)

The legendary Dr. Gonzo (a.k.a. John Means)

The legendary Dr. Gonzo (a.k.a. John Means). (Photo: Gerry Duncan)

 The indomitable George Wallace

The indomitable George Wallace. (Photo: Sue Brisk)

Everyone wants more MooreDevine. 
(Photo: Sue Brisk)

Debi Durst & Robin Williams Banner