Laughs for Life

In the past, suicide was considered a very taboo topic and the stigma prevented people from reaching out. This past year, the media has forced the public to really consider what it means to need mental health support, and we have a new understanding how everyone is affected by suicide. In particular, in 2014 Robin William’s death sparked a conversation that was typically only had in mental health circles, but now is talked about at schools, on social media, and even on stage at the Oscars!

Every year, SAN FRANCISCO SUICIDE PREVENTION hosts a comedy showcase event (Laughs for Life) to celebrate the achievements in the mental health field and to raise funds for our crisis lines, youth risk reduction training program, and grief support groups. This year, we will be honoring ROBIN WILLIAMS, who throughout his life touched millions of people and became a figure head in the mental health community – particularly in San Francisco, his hometown.

Laughs for Life will feature headlining comic, GREG WARREN. Most recently seen on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Greg has also been on "Comedy Central Presents", "The Late Late Show", and "Last Comic Standing". He has been building a strong fan base around the country with his act inspired by his Midwestern upbringing. Many comedians have also shared tribute videos to be shown at the event, including KATHY GRIFFIN, MARGARET CHO, & DANA GOULD.

This event is particularly important for our organization because it will kick off a brand new program, The Grief Response Team, which will send volunteers trained in emotional support and necessary “next step” information alongside first responders when there is a sudden death in the home (not necessarily suicide). This innovative program will ensure that at someone’s greatest time of need, they will have all questions answered and not be alone.

Thursday, May 14, 2015 - 5:30pm
St. Regis Hotel
125 Third St. San Francisco, CA 94103